Healthy Life Marketing


Healthylife Marketing is committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal information is confidential and we will never provide this to third parties. We may from time to time email you with special offers. Customer Information is at the heart of our ability to provide superior service to users. We do not share Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information with others.

Your orders are placed via an internet secure system so that it is protected and safe, and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Once your order is placed, the credit card information is not used except to issue refunds for orders that you have placed via our website. We do not file your credit card information and if you need to re-order, you will be requested to resubmit this information. This ensures that you and your information are protected. Please do not send any credit card information by way of email but rather, through the order pages on our website.

our goal is to provide Users with quality information, products, and services. We are also committed to providing Users with responsive, personalized service, and keeping Users informed about new information, products, and services that may be of immediate interest to users or that can help Users derive the greatest value from the Products. For any questions.. contact us